Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Trip 3 - Fremont State Lakes

Its good to finally get out and be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt, now it was a bit windy so sweatshirts were in order in the morning and the evening BUT to finally be out when the temp is in the 70's was fantastic.  It was a bit windy at times, well that is anytime we were not trying to fly the kites :-).

We camped with Pat/Brian and Noah and Noah's buddy Joe and Jodi/Bernie and Blacker so I took the camper out Thursday evening to stake our "claim".  Probably was not needed BUT we wanted a certain area where we can all be side by side with a big "yard" to share.  Nebraska State Parks are not generally reservable until closer to Memrial Day so its first come first served...  A big plus is that they were still charging winter rates and $13 for an electrical is a great deal. 

Friday night we had a roaring campfire and sat around and drank some GREAT scotch that Bernie had brought along.  The margaritas Jodi made were pretty tasty as well.

Saturday morning brought the usual routine of coffee sitting outside the camper, man it really is relaxing and peaceful in the mornings.  We had other guests during the day as well as most of the Mitchells, Henkeinus's and Schuberts stopped out along with Travis and his girls.  I had thought maybe Hildings might stop out but it is Masters weekend.  We broke out into a battle of FARKLE which yours truely won as well as the bean bag toss and threw the football around a little.  I really like the SOCIAL aspect of camping and had a nice time.

Saturday for supper Bernie tried out his new "Can Cooker" and Brian and I cooked with the dutch ovens.  That can cooker does a real nice job and the Pizza out of Brian's dutch oven was definately something I want to try sometime.  We were all satisfied with the Saturday night meal and Brian even brought Ice Cream for everyones' Peach Suprise...

Sunday we meandered around loading up the camper, we werent in too big of a hurry and even contemplated staying another day, AHHHHH, I guess there is always next time... I guess Alyssa's T-Shirt says it best...

Until Next Time - Safe Travels

Alyssa's Camping T-Shirt

Valerie and Brian "Relaxing"

Three Maidens all in a Row...

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