Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trip 15 - Fremont State Lakes

Our trip to the Fremont State Lakes this past weekend was to celebrate Mother's Day as well as our 17th Wedding Anniversary, as if we needed a reason to go camping.
The weather was pretty nice outside of the strong winds on Friday night that actually took the power down in the park for a few hours, never did find out what actually happened but it appeared to be more the power in the area than isolated to the park, anyhow we are none the worse for the ware...
We actually got our fishing licenses and did a little fishing this trip. Alyssa really enyoys it but she has the patience of her dad at times so sometimes we are both challenged when it comes to fishing, patience is the key and we lack that at times. We even got Valerie into the mix this trip too, there was a stretch where Dad was baiting hooks and taking fish off hooks for 15 or 20 minutes before I was able to get my line back in the water. 12, maybe 15 bluegills was our haul.
The park was in pretty good shape although they appeared to miss their mowing schedule this past week... :-) Oh, well, I know times are kind of tough now and if a little long grass is the price we have to pay to help keep our State Parks open then it is sure worth it to us...
Here is proof that Valerie and Alyssa had a good time, smiles all around... :-)

I had put a front receiver hitch on my truck and this was the first trip trying it out with the bike rack. People ask me WHY in the world would you want to haul your bikes off the front of your truck, why not put a receiver on the back of the trailer. We'll those folks usually arn't people who have campers. The receiver worked flawlessley and the set up in the front was STURDY and STRONG. I feel good about this set up and it gives me a nice sense of security in actually seeing the bikes riding along. The ONLY thing I will change is that the bike rack is a BIT too high, maybe needs 6 inches taken out of it to give it a better balance between covering the lights and my line of sight. We'll tackle that task next weekend.

I finally got a chance to use the new cast iron cookware the DW bought me for Christmas, I love it and plan to to a LOT of cooking over the fire and in the Dutch Oven moving forward.

Rob and Linda and the girls and Rob's his Uncle Larry and his family and Tim and Barb and their son were all part of the group, we sure had a nice time. Actually JACK and SIR Windsor visited Rob and I on Saturday night, we tried to fight back, honestly.... :-)

My new "favoritest" picture of the set up....

Two weeks until we are off to NESHONIC Lake and Resort in West Salem WI over Memorial Day weekend. We can't wait to get up there cause the real reason for the trip is to visit that new NEPHEW of ours, William Robert Clements... YAHOOOOO
Until NEXT time... Bc

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 8-10

Well, we are headed out to the Fremont Lakes this coming friday and are really looking forward to our first "entire family" nice weather outing. It just so happens to be our 17th anniversary as well as Mothers Day. I think we all agree there isnt anyplace we'd rather be than camping out during this time...