Monday, November 17, 2008

Becoming MORE self contained

I picked up a new generator this last weekend. Cabela's was having a great sale and I had a coupon so this generator became part of the family.

My big thing with a generator was, "WILL I REALLY ever use it?"

3500 watt generator will basically get you about what a 30 amp hook up will get you as far as power goes, you'll have to manage your power a bit but essentially we'll be free to camp ANYWHERE we want to camp. Now granted we generally use hook ups at parks that include electricity but opportunities to camp in remote areas where no power is available is pretty exciting. I'm sure it will come in handy on our trip to Augusta in the spring as well, opening up the doors to a lot more possible adventure :-).

We'll have one now if the power goes out at home, last time the power went out due to a big storm it was off for about 24 hours, just long enough for about 1/3 rd of the basement carpet to get soaked. Realizing AFTER the fact that the sump pump needs electricity to keep the water out of the basement... LIVE AND LEARN.

Until Next Time... BC

PS: About the ONLY thing I need to upgrade now is having a second deep cycle battery in the loop on the TT, with that I'd be set for absolutely anything.

Link to Cabela's site for Champion generator.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Topper Added

Last Monday I found a topper that I couldn't pass up taking a look at. It was on a 2004 Ford F-250 and it was white. The price listed on CRAIGSLIST was $100 so even though I saw a picture I wasn't expecting too much. Well it took me all of 30 seconds when I arrived to say SOLD, so we have a topper for the new truck and are pretty stoked about it. Its not a PERFECT fit but so close that I am really satisfied. Just so happens that my mileage went up this trip to the gas station, we'll see if thats a fluke or not next time. (See the charts on the right)

Now if spring would just get here we could do some camping...
Until next time - B