Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter MELTDOWN averted

Well, it wasn't like actually taking the camper out but this past weekend I went to the camper and did a little fiddling around. Hadn't been there in a few weeks and wanted to see how everything was. I picked up Eric in route and we went to check things out. There had been some break ins recently at the storage site so I always try to go there every couple of week. Well, no sign of anything out of the ordinary.

We hooked up the battery and fired up the furnace, my goal was to check out how I might mount my new 19 inch flat screen in the camper. STILL not really sure as there is NO good place and I am a little hesitant hanging it from one wall stud and expecting it to ride nicely wherever we go. I may rig a backer type board to cross over TWO studs and anchor it in really well and then mount the TV to it. A little more work than I anticipated by I really want it to work out well so we'll see.

Furnace worked well, slide came out with a "little" issue as it appears there was a little frozen water in the seam keeping the top from popping out right away but no big deal. The TV works great with the antenna and I even fired up the generator and plugged in to it. WOW, that is handy, it took a little to get it started but when it fired up it worked like a dream. The furnace didn't warm things up REAL quick but it was getting there. If we go WINTER camping I'll have to be sure to bring our electric heater along too to help.

SPEAKING of winter camping we are looking to give it a try here in the next couple of weeks, we'll see, we wont UNWINTERIZE we'll just go somewhere with bathrooms available and bring our own water in jugs for cooking ETC...

Enough for now....

Happy Camping (SOON)

Monday, January 12, 2009

WOW - Withdrawls

We are having withdrawls from camping, you guys on in the south have it made.