Monday, September 22, 2008

Trip 10 - Spontaneous, spur of the moment, OOOPS...

We'll you learn as you go I guess.

Friday we decided late in the day to make a trip this weekend and we had NO reservations and a late start. We had a party at a friends house between Mo Valley and Logan and decided we wanted to camp somewhere in the neighborhood, now there are actually quite a few choices but when you leave late and have no reservation things can be a little tricky.

We pulled into Wilson Island State park at about 8pm and it was dark and upon finally getting to the park entrance we were greeted with "All Electric Sites Full". We'll shoot, we knew this would be an adventure so we headed back in the opposite direction toward the interstate. I knew the Mo Vally City park had electrical and would be pretty much empty but we really wanted a regular campsite so we knew it would be there for a last resort.

We ended up north in Onawa at the KOA, I decided to go for the FULL HOOK ups since this could possibly be the last outing before it gets cold and I could really get the tanks cleaned out good there. Plus I wanted to try the KOA before, they are always a little pricey it seems (actually everything is when you compare it to State Parks or "govt" sites). It wasn't bad but at $72 for two night compared to $24 to $30 for a state park I think I'll plan a little better in advance moving forward.

We did have a good time, after all we were camping....
KOA main building complete with awesome shower's, laundry and a convenience store.
Blue lake and Lewis and Clark state park are behind the KOA - We did drive through Lewis and Clark and will go there sometime for a weekend for sure.
Our site was in the midst of a bunch of full timers and was rather small.
We rented the three wheel recumbant bike and both Alyssa and I both really liked it. They were selling it and we came close to bringing it home.
Until next time....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip 9 - Two Rivers State Rec Area

It was nice to be able to camp over the long holiday weekend but it all seemed kind of rushed and last minute. AHHHH, Well, I guess that's because it was. As mentioned in the previous post we got the last campsite available and it wasn't real pretty, but it worked.

We spent time on both Saturday and Sunday wading in the river just on the opposite side of the campsite, it was fun but it was a workout.

We revamped the flag pole and got it back up during this trip and even had a little HUSKER decorations for the first HUSKER game.

Two Rivers has a unique set up for CABIN camping in that they brought in 6 or 8 cabooses from UP and converted them into Cabins. I understand they are nice and you can read more about them by hitting the link in my LINKS area on this blog. Might be something neat to try sometime.

What's camping without some SMORES...

Alyssa was a great helper this trip as she was more than willing to get up on the roof and sweep off the slide as we were getting ready to ship out.

One of the FIRSTS for me was having to wait in line at the dump station on our way out of the park. I realized that with this weekend being a holiday and the park being full that we would probably have to. We didn't hurry around and get out of there early and by the time we left at one minute before the checkout time our area was pretty empty. There was hope but ALAS it was not to be 45 minute in line wasn't really that bad as everyone ahead of us didn't dilly dally around doing their duty.

I really enjoyed the face time with my girls as school is starting and fact time will no doubt be harder to have during the school year.

Until Next Time - B

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