Monday, September 21, 2009

Ponca State Park - Missouri River Outdoor Expo

Finally getting the opportunity to get caught up here.  We attended the Missouri River Ourdoor Expo while camping at Ponca State Park September 18th to the 20th...  This Expo was pretty incredible, its amazing what this little state park can turn into during one of these.  The camping areas are far enough away from the main attractions that they still remain calm and peaceful but a good majority of the park is transformed into vendors, booths, displays, petting zoos, archery and rifle shooting, dutch oven cooking and boat rides etc...  Lots of COOL and interesting things.  I expect there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 people through the expo during this weekend.  Here is the link for this years expo.  See for yourself what goes on, we are already reserved for the third weekend of September next year and I believe all sites are booked...

We camped with the Johnsons and we always enjoy that, the Huskers lost to VA Tech so that wasnt so great and I had a electric window go out on the Ford and had to run around every Saturday morning but.  None the less I think everyone had a good time, at least I got a couple of smiles out of the girls...

Until next time, safe travels...  BRC

Yankton SD - Chief White Crane

We had a great time over Labor Day catching up with all my MOM's side of the family.  Chief White Crane campground is AWESOME.  You can see Bradley's Campsite Review for more specifics on the campsite itself.  Not a lot of dialogue here but I wanted to get some pictures out to share.

Until Next Time - Safe Travels...  B

Alyssa and Grandpa Bob

Park Sign

Panorama of our site from the West

Gavins Point Dam

Checking things out just as the fog is lifting


Me and my better half

HUSKERS WIN - At the bar with family watching the Huskers (Good Times)

Here we all are, we all had a great time

TRI-CLEM plus Uncle Gordon